History & Location

In the early 1980’s the Jones family who were living in Pacific heights in San Francisco decided to emulate their English life style, of a house in central London and a cottage in the west country. Thus they spent several summers in rented accommodation in the Napa Valley searching for a location to establish a small country estate.

They eventually settled for a piece of land on Meadowood Lane adjacent to the Meadowood Country Club. Their estate is currently known for its long stone wall with flowering roses in the approach to the country club and opposite the renowned Napa Valley Reserve.

Over the next 20 years they built a house and acquired further acreage so that in 1997 they cleared part of their estate to plant Cabernet Sauvignon vines using rootstock. Supplied by Sonoma

In May 2000 the Joneses hosted at the property a lunch for the attendees to the International Wine and Food Society Festival Napa 2000.

The vineyard lies at the base of the hills of Howell Mountain. Prior to planting the land was ripped to a depth of 5 feet producing many large rocks which were removed and have been used in the stone work around the property.

For a number of years they sold their grapes to a premium winery in the Napa Valley.

In 2002 they secured a winery license and dug a cave on the hill which is part of the vineyard. Their winemaker joined them and updated the farming procedures and prepare the winery.